Wellness in the workplace

And how to fit in exercise when working from home.

Wellness in the workplace is a subject close to my heart. As a fitness professional, I’m used to advocating the importance of staying healthy and as a business owner, I understand the challenges of juggling work and family life whilst finding time to exercise.

In recent years I have noticed a growing trend of businesses ingraining employee health and wellbeing into their HR strategies. It’s great to see activities like lunchtime yoga and running being offered and something that I hope becomes widespread. From an HR point of view, it’s a win-win situation, healthy staff equate to fewer absences and offering such clubs give employees the motivation to work for you and not your competitors.

But with Covid closing down offices, there is a real risk that all this hard work building a healthy workforce will be lost. Since the pandemic began, I’ve been approached by lots of busy and stressed professionals asking how they can feel sharper and more motivated. They’re looking to end the day with energy instead of exhaustion and not be propped up by endless cups of sugary coffee or unhealthy snacks. There’s a lot of information out there –

Let’s face it, it can be quite overwhelming so here are some simple steps you can take to get back your buzz.

Firstly, is to stop looking back at how you trained 20 years ago.  I’ve noticed that people are hard on themselves for not having the same fitness levels they had decades ago. Let’s change that mindset – the focus is on being the best you can be now.

Secondly is to make exercise part of your daily routine. I’m not talking hours, just 20-30 minutes each day is all you need to make a difference. Schedule time in each day until it becomes a habit, go for a walk at lunch, do an online workout in your living room – you don’t need expensive equipment or a gym membership to do this.

Eating healthily is key, as winter approaches, we naturally reach for comfort food but it’s time to start making the right choices for your body. Fresh fruit and veg or protein-rich nuts will give you the energy to smash the day and you won’t fall foul to the dreaded mid-day slump!

If you’re a manager how can you help your staff?

One way to do this is to nominate a Wellness Coach, this can be a member of staff or an external resource. The Wellness Coach will motivate and educate staff whilst making your commitment to staff wellbeing clear.

If you want to work without a Coach, then communication is key. Encourage your staff to take regular breaks, why not use your company intranet and internal newsletter to share healthy recipes and low impact exercise ideas?..

Gorilla ERP founder Dean Harrison has benefited from working with Ed and says,

“I’ve seen huge benefits from focusing on my personal wellness which has positively impacted my lifestyle balance. Not only have I seen improved energy levels I have been able to manage and deal with more stressful situations in a more balanced way and I have seen the impact on this on my personal and business relationships. Covid has presented challenges for us all and being in a better place physically and the impact this has had on my wellness has been huge for me.”

If you’d like more information or to book Ed for an online consultation see his website.