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What our network think

Junior Project Manager Bresmed

Parishee Desai

Dean helped guide me through the process of looking for graduate jobs in my last year of university. He provided me with constructive and detailed feedback on my CV and applications which was incredibly useful. He helped me connect with graduate recruiters in different companies and gave me guidance on using Linkedin to create useful contacts and how to build up my own network. Dean was very proactive when helping me and provided me with clear and constructive advice which helped me improve my applications and interview performance. He did this for no charge to either party I was connected by my dad who worked on a project via Gorilla ERP.

Vice President, Capgemini

Julian Peters

I’ve worked with Dean over the last thirteen years since I joined Capgemini. Dean has supported Capgemini with both quality profiles of candidates and also by working with us to understand our upcoming requirements and try to shape some of the job spots we have – i.e. really getting to understand the Capgemini business and our clients’ requirements.

Dean has supported some key Capgemini Projects over the years both in terms of supporting Capgemini with Contingency staff and also working directly with Capgemini clients, most notably on key projects with a global fashion brand and global steel producer, both of which involved the hiring by Dean of large numbers of ERP Contract and project staff.

One of Dean’s key skill sets involves his ability to network and develop the relationship with the clients he works with – Dean initially was not on Capgemini’s preferred supplier list – however after experiencing his sheer tenacity and ability to show and prove where he could add value to a business Dean was included. I and many of my colleagues receive a number of calls from companies wanting to work with us and support our projects, the large majority of whom we are not willing to accept or are just not able to become a supplier. In Dean’s case this was different.

Dean has been pro-active and supportive of our growth 9we have grown by 500% over that period) and I would look forward to continuing to work with Dean in the future.

SAP Retail Consultant

Mathijs Geradts

I have worked together with Dean for many years now. Several times now he managed to get me placed on interesting and challenging SAP projects around Europe. Working with Dean and Gorilla ERP went always extremely smooth. No complex and annoying processes, always open and above quick in getting things done. What he promises he always delivers. Definitely one of the better agents I’ve worked with and looking forward to our next collaboration

Burberry SAP Project Director

Steve Faccenda

Dean provided Burberry with multiple high quality SAP resources, many of whom were SAP experts around retail.

At the time of project ATLAS many of the resources we needed were vey niche skill sets, but Dean managed to supply what we needed quickly and often those Dean suggested were people he’d worked with before meaning they were proven which helped take away some of the uncertainty of hiring contractors. So usually all we needed to do was a very brief telephone chat from a short list provided before we hired the chosen resource.


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